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The Sphynx Cat Association was formed in May 2005 by a small group of Sphynx enthusiasts who realised that there was a need for a friendly and supportive network for breeders, owners and Sphynx lovers alike, to offer advice and support in all matters relating to the Sphynx Cat.


The Club was formed to help raise awareness for our breed, and to offer impartial, non-judgmental advice and support, where needed. We are happy to help on any matter, whether large or small, be it breeding, showing, or health related.  If you are interested in owning a Sphynx cat or kitten, have a look at our Kitten page, for details of our members who have kittens available. If you have any questions about your Sphynx cat or Kitten, our FAQs page may be of help you.


In January 2011, we held our first Club Show, the first GCCF Sphynx Cat Show to be held in the UK. Grateful thanks to everyone who came and supported the breed and us. Subsequently we have successfully held further shows, currently jointly with the National Cat Club.

Our Mission Statement


Our aim to circulate a club magazine by email approximately 3 times per year (sent to members via email). Members are also entitled to a free listing on this website, on the Breeder page, and also on the Kitten page. We also welcome photographs from members for our Gallery.