Sphynx Cat Association

2014 Annual General Meeting

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the SCA will be held on Sunday 13th April at 2.30pm at The Ibis Hotel St George's Way, Constitution Hill, Leicester, LE1 1PL.

There are vacancies on the committee so any members who are interested in standing should send their nomination to the Honorary Secretary no later than 28th February 2014. The nomination paper must bear the signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder all of whom must be fully paid up members of the SCA. Nominees to the Committee must have been fully paid up members of the SCA for a minimum of one year.

Members who have items they wish to be added to the AGM Agenda, should send the details of such to the Secretary in writing before 28th February 2014.

Hon Sec Laura Croft
40 Ashburnham Rd, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1QD


The Sphynx Cat Association was formed in May 2005 by a small group of Sphynx enthusiasts who realised that there was a need for a friendly and supportive network for breeders, owners and Sphynx lovers alike, to offer advice and support in all matters relating to the Sphynx Cat.


The Club was formed to help raise awareness for our breed, and to offer impartial, non-judgmental advice and support, where needed. We are happy to help on any matter, whether large or small, be it breeding, showing, or health related.  If you are interested in owning a Sphynx cat or kitten, have a look at our Kitten page, for details of our members who have kittens available. If you have any questions about your Sphynx cat or Kitten, our FAQs page may be of help you.


Owe aim to circulate a club magazine by email approximately 3 times per year (sent to members via email). Members are also entitled to a free listing on this website, on the Breeder page, and also on the Kitten page. We also welcome photographs from members for our Gallery.

In January 2011, we held our first Club Show, the first GCCF Sphynx Cat Show to be held in the UK. Grateful thanks to everyone who came and supported the breed and us.

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History of the Sphynx

Naturally occurring hairless mutations have appeared in many different species of animal throughout history all over the world.

The ancestry of the naked Sphynx cats we have today can be traced back to Elizabeth, a black and white domestic shorthair cat, who gave birth to a hairless male kitten called Prune, in Ontario, Canada in 1966. Prune was subsequently mated back to his mother and the resulting litter contained both coated and naked kittens. These cats, along with other hairless mutations born later, formed the foundations of Sphynx world-wide.

With such a small gene pool, outcrossing was necessary and several breeds were used : - Cornish Rex, American Shorthair, domestic shorthair and, more widely – Devon Rex. The gene responsible for hairlessness was found to be recessive, ie, it has to meet up with a copy of itself before the said characteristic manifests and breeders in the early days worked diligently to progress the breed.

Today outcrossing to maintain health is still undertaken and GCCF guidelines allow the use of two approved breeds - Russian Blue and domestic shorthair.


The sphynx cat is a very sociable and affectionate breed of cat , also intelligent and outgoing. They adore human company and will happily follow their owners around the house or even better, will sit on their owners shoulder and are carried around the house. They are also rather vocal and will chatter happily to their owners [ who will often find themselves answering back] Sphynx also love to play whether it is with their owner or another cat or even dog. They also expect plenty of cuddles and love nothing more than snuggling up in their owner’s bed at the end of the day.

Many sphynx will live happily with other breeds of cat and also dogs – they adore and need company so should not, if possible, be kept alone.

[On a more personal note, the best piece of advice I was given when I bought my first sphynx home was to either move ornaments into cabinets or blu-tak them down!]